Back-to-school time

School starts earlier and earlier. When I was growing up, out in the country. our schools didn’t start until after the raisins were harvested as the kids were needed on the farms to get the crop in quickly, before the rains. That usually meant September 17, or thereabouts. Kids aren’t needed in the fields now so they are expected to be in class, usually by August 17, a whole month earlier. That’s the first day of school for Fresno Unified. My granddaughter’s bay area district goes back next week.

With the return of school comes the need to buy new clothes and new school supplies. You may remember me waxing ecstatic over the school supplies in Target the other day. I bought up a basket of crayons, markers, colored pencils, and fancy pencils to hand out during the year as prizes to the first graders with whom I will work. It’s fun for me, but I know it’s stressful for parents, especially if they have many students who are returning to school and are on a limited budget.

One lady I know is raising her five grandchildren, with no help from anyone. She is doing this on her retirement pension in a small apartment. Thinking of her, and remembering that last year, way after the back-to-school season was over, I had found a clearance on backpacks at Office Max and bought what they had, I reached out and asked if she could use them. She had just been wondering how she was going to get the five kids ready for school. It is very expensive, and when funds are tight there is little wiggle room for those extras.

This morning I hightailed it back over to Target, and using my Cartwheel and Target’s sales, I was able to get quite a few more school items as well as household necessities. Another friend is making a run today also for odds and ends that everyone needs but no one even thinks about. We will deliver the goods tomorrow morning, with plenty of time for this family to finalize back-to-school plans.

Is there anyone in your community who could use a helping hand getting their kids back to school?


4 responses to “Back-to-school time

  1. very thoughtful of you!

  2. You are truly an angel, Delaine. I can just imagine how ecstatic that grandmother is to get some help. How happy the children must be!!!

  3. That’s a wonderful thing to do! I echo Kay’s comment, and I think of how much those kids will love the stuff she couldn’t afford without help. Good for you, and I’ll pass this along somehow. 🙂

  4. My granddaughter started 3rd grade in late July, and my grandson started kindergarten on August 6. You can imagine the school supplies they had to buy.

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