What did you do on Saturday?

I was up early to water yards, dust a few rooms, and do laundry. Picked up a friend and we delivered a trunk load of school supplies. After quick visits I dropped her back at her house and came home to make these with peaches I got Thursday:

Terry stripped the beds and washed all the sheets. Guess I would say it’s been fairly productive around here.

How do you spend your Satudays?


11 responses to “What did you do on Saturday?

  1. I found a great novel to read, which I’m about half way through. I went out to a Mexican restaurant with Terry and we had a great lunch. This evening we’ll be visiting with the family.
    Terry was working on a presentation for the startup company he works with and is now finished with it.
    He’s over at the local Seattle Library branch figuring out how we can download books from them for free.
    Busy, but no work involved, on my part at any rate!
    But I tell you, if I had peaches I’d be making pies and preserves too!

  2. Delaine will you ever slow down? I did cash in some points for some gift cards today.

  3. I guess I can call Saturday “done” since I’m sitting here drinking my wine and reading blog posts. I went on a six-mile walk with my walking group and then just returned from seeing “Mr. Holmes” at our independent theater. I went alone, since my movie partner is otherwise occupied. I LOVED the movie and am so glad I saw it. Now I’m settling in for the evening. 🙂

  4. I got my hair cut today since it has grown out considerably since getting it cut at the beginning of summer. I then went to lunch at a place called Fire Bowl Cafe and had chicken pad thai. After that, I went to Michael’s and got more Scrabble pencils, pens, and other items to use as incentives for my students since it was all half price.

  5. i spent a little time at Panera posting on my blog; did laundry, ran a few errands, then went to the beach. now i’m on the couch watching Thumbalina 🙂

  6. Took care of my David.

  7. I love days like this.

  8. We had a busy day too. I got some laundry done. Jim had to work. Then we drove 40 miles to have a get together with Jim’s old assistant principals. Two couples forgot and didn’t show. We had fun with the other couple who organized the gathering. We were upset the guest of honor did not show. Crazy, huh?

  9. Such pretty little jars. I spent my Sunday cleaning and cooking. Made banana pudding (my Mom’s old recipe). Neighbor brought me green peppers from her yard. brother Dunstan visited and blessed David’s knee with holy water from Lourdes. Read a chapter in my book and worked in my garden. Paid a few bills. Read the paper.

  10. We did a lot of cleaning around the house, shopping and then I spent lots of time scanning my son’s baby book and journals for him. I guess for us every weekend is a little different.

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