Just what does that mean?

For years now I have been using the phrase–doing good work with good people for the good of the community–as my mission statement. This summer, while reading a book by John Maxwell, “Good Leaders ask Great Questions,” I was forced to ask myself, “just what does that mission statement of yours mean?” I spent a day or so thinking and writing to come up with this:

What is GOOD work?

True, good, beautiful, just, perfect, successful, creative.

It may make me feel uneasy, anxious, confused, clumsy, but always hopeful.

There will be danger, trouble, fear, and faith to see it through.

Who are GOOD people?

Like-minded, God-loving, everyday, simple, willing, smart, funny, kind, generous in spirit.

Faithful to their call.

Hopeful for the future.

What is GOOD for the community?

Encouragement, opportunity, possibility, generosity, prosperity.

To grow in kindness for ALL citizens.

To give all citizens a sense of hope for the future.


One response to “Just what does that mean?

  1. what a wonderful mission statement you have!

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