About those spam comments

There has been talk around here, and at other blogs, about spam comments and how Blogger uses those crazy pictures and check-off boxes to prove you aren’t a spam-bot. I get so frustrated when I try to leave a comment and I have to go through so much rigamarole. Many of you have lamented the need for such tactics if you are to keep spam away.

Well, I don’t get spam nor do I have the check-off boxes or the picture selections. But, WordPress has an effective method of catching the spam. Today, I noticed this message on my statistics’ page: 

Akismet has protected your site from 47,547 spam comments already. 

I’m telling you, WordPress is the only way to go.


10 responses to “About those spam comments

  1. That is a lot of spam!

  2. I have WordPress, and it’s been good to me most of the time.

  3. If you are a blogspot user, you don’t get all that rigamarole and hoops to jump through. I am fairly content with blogspot but sometimes have trouble leaving comments on WordPress blogs. 🙂

  4. I get a few spam comments, but have no trouble keeping on top of deleting them. I feel sorry for those who struggle with it, though.

  5. I agree with you 100% sister!

  6. sometimes I leave a comment and some have to be approved before you see it, then I can never remember if I did respond and often will leave a duplicate comment to make sure!

  7. Everybody is proprietary. Because of this I have two, 2, mirror blogs. Few people leave me notes on the WordPress blog, and I find it far more difficult to use.

    • I have noticed that Blogger blogs seem to garner a huge number of comments whereas with WordPress, lots of activity with visitors and followers but I have few comments. I’ve always figured it’s because my posts aren’t all that interesting to get people to comment.

      As for ease of use, I love WordPress as I can even write posts on my iPhone. Saves me a few steps with photos as I take all my pictures with my phone now.

  8. So far so good with blogSpot. Plus, I see they’ve added a spam detector so I won’t have to add those pictures/check-off boxes. There’s a learning curve so I’m having to do a little more work than I did with WordPress, but I’m adjusting.

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