Why are you on social media?

Last Saturday we attended the California Fig Fest courtesy of Yelp. Being an Elite Yelper, I was given free tickets for Terry and me. A little perk of social media. Knowing that a vendor whom I follow on Facebook and Instagram would be there, I made a special point of looking for her and meeting her in person. How did I know she would be there? She had posted it on her social media sites. We had chatted back and forth on those sites, but never met in person. It was fun to actually meet. She treated Terry and me to her frozen pops.

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As we chatted, she made the comment, “You have such a presence on social media. I feel like I’m meeting a celebrity.”  I laughed out loud and told her I should record her saying that. For you see, the reason I started this blog eight years ago was because I was told by someone that I had no online presence, and sure enough, when I Googled my name, I had but four or five listings, all having to do with education.

We both lamented that Facebook has changed so much in the last couple of years. She has switched more to Instagram, as have I, because FB is getting to have an older, more conservative group of users. They are less likely to share their life as they are their political and religious views. Those are not the reasons I am on social media. Pre-made posters of religious or political rantings do nothing for me.

Instagram is fun because I can take a photo on my phone and immediately upload it to Instagram which also allows uploading to Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter. I can hit four social media sites at one time, tagging others as I do so. My iPhone will also allow for a photo to be uploaded to Facebook and/or Twitter, too. It’s a great way to share life. Which, if you haven’t guessed by now, is the main reason why I’m on social media. I also learn so much.

Yesterday was the first day of school so The Ladies Who Lunch went out for lunch to celebrate. I was telling them about our trip to the goat farm and also the wonderful soaps Basilwood Farms produces from the goat milk. Someone asked how I learned about the goat farm. Why, social media, of course. I don’t remember the exact place, but I do know I follow Basilwood on both Facebook and Instagram. Social media makes me smarter (especially Twitter), and better aware of what friends and family are doing. That is, if friends and family will post about their life. Otherwise, why are you on social media if you aren’t willing to share?


9 responses to “Why are you on social media?

  1. I have only a blog and generate a new post only every other day. There are times when I feel like deleting the whole darn thing, but I sleep on it, and the next morning I am so grateful that I didn’t delete it. Lol.

  2. No Instagram here….my phone has no data capabilities. Twitter yes, all the grandkids are there. Lots of Facebook as it’s part of my volunteering.

  3. I am only on Facebook, and that’s mostly to see pictures of friends and family I don’t see on a regular basis. My blog is my main connection to social media, which is where I met YOU. I hope you don’t decide your blog isn’t as important as all those others, because I’d miss it. I do follow you on FB, though. 🙂

    • I’m not planning to give up the blog. I get way too much fun from writing here. I do try to produce a variety of material so that all sites don’t have the same material.

  4. I keep my Facebook for family, pretty much and high school classmates. I love having my blog because that’s how I met wonderful people like you (love your photo). However, I am trying to minimize my online presence. My kids are not comfortable with me being out there in cyberspace so I actually changed my settings so web crawler should skip my blog most of the time.

  5. wow Delaine you are really connected!

  6. It seems funny to me that you think FB people are all conservatives. I find many of them too far to the left. However, I have limited my network and mostly am connected with family and friends I met I other venues. I haven’t tried Instagram. I’m on the computer too uch as it is. Glad you enjoyed meeting your friend.

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