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Terry has been the photographer for the Fresno Area Hispanic Foundation for many years now. It’s a volunteer job that makes great use of his photography hobby. He is a very good photographer, he has no fear of people, and he can get in close to get the best shot. They like the work he does which covers their monthly breakfasts, yearly celebrations, ribbon-cutting events for businesses they sponsor, and other events as they need him.

Wednesday was the monthly breakfast where members of the foundation meet to network, meet new members, hear guest speakers, and hear about legislation and other details of the city. I occasionally attend and decided to on Wednesday as the Fresno State president’s wife would be speaking. She has become quite the celebrity in her own right and I follow her on Twitter. Sure enough, her presentation was indeed worth hearing as she spoke on giving back to the community, doing things for others, looking beyond your own self and comfort to help make others successful. She has done much for the students at Fresno State like starting a food pantry for food insecure students. I was glad to meet her in person. Now we know who we are tweeting to.


Also in attendance at the meeting was a man who is running for state assembly. I knew his dad when he had the position. Our daughter went to school with this gentleman as well as his siblings. I have been following his run for political office on Facebook so it was fun to see him and hear more about why he made the decision to leave his medical practice to do this.

Dr. Joaquin Arambula

Dr. Joaquin Arambula

One more person to see at the breakfast was a former student who is now working for the Foundation as its membership director. Sandra took many classes in the business department where I taught and is now finishing her degree at Fresno State.


It was indeed a fun morning to catch up with all of these people, plus I even made a couple of new acquaintances along the way.


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  1. Sounds like an informative and interesting event.

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