Hopeful for a bright future

I’m sure many of us are following the news about President Jimmy Carter’s announcement of cancer in his brain. It is sad news, but he gives us hope with his way of life. He taught Sunday School yesterday, as he has for decades, at the Baptist church in Plains, Georgia. He too is hopeful and plans to live life on his terms right up to the end, just as he has done all these years. He has remained quite active after his term as presidency, which was just a blip in his life story when you compare it to all of the other work he has and is doing.

Terry and I attended the memorial service for a long-time friend who died in July, just a few months after we celebrated her 100th birthday. You might remember that celebration that I posted here. The memorial was held in the same room as the birthday bash had been held, at the retirement home where Margaret had lived for over 30 years.

Margaret had always worked at the church where we attended–teaching Sunday School, singing in the choir, being the church clerk, and her last years were filled with greeting everyone who came on the church campus when she was in attendance which was every Sunday up to this past Christmas when she fell and broke a hip. Her hearing was gone, but she still had smiles and hugs for everyone.

The room was filled at the memorial service, even surprising her family who had not expected such a crowd. It is unusual that a person of such advanced age hasn’t outlived all of their friends. Margaret just kept making new ones.

So, here are two great examples for me–President Carter and Margaret. They did not see age as a deterrent to living. Or helping. Or doing. I am going to keep them in mind as I continue on my life, staying busy helping others, doing things I love, and making younger friends. These two give me hope.


9 responses to “Hopeful for a bright future

  1. Very nice. Life is a gift.

  2. That’s wonderful. I too am so impressed with the grace and humor that Jimmy Carter is displaying. He’s lived a full life and can give us all a good lesson on how to exit gracefully. 🙂

  3. hear hear Delaine. I was sorry to hear about Jimmy Carter.

  4. Margaret has the right of it. You have to keep on making friends, and I find that’s harder as I get older. Yes, I too was sorry to hear that about Carter.

  5. It’s nice to be remembered with such fondness and affection.

  6. What kind words you leave today. 🙂

  7. I hope when my time comes I’m able to show half the humility, grace. and courage of Jimmy Carter. What an inspiration he is!

  8. I am so amazed by people like your friend, and by Jimmy Carter. My mother turned 99 in May. She still lives on her own. We are planning her big 100th birthday party in May. I am sure many will attend. She also is very involved at church and keeps on making friends. She has outlived many who were younger than she.

  9. Carter certainly set a great example of a life well lived. I liked him when he was governor of Georgia before he ran for president. Voted for him the first time he ran, but switched to John Anderson four years later. Too upset about the Iranian hostage situation, which he admits was a failed situation!

    The political pickings this year are pathetic. Get ready for President Trump! 😜

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