Let the austerity begin

Summer is over and with it an end of unbudgeted expenditures. Or, so I hope.

June was pretty quiet around here. We stayed home and caught up with household tasks, knowing that July and August would be busy and we would be away for much of those months. Sure enough, July hit and the spending began. Hotel bills, restaurant meals, park entrance fees, museum renewals, clothes/books/toys for grandchildren and me. August saw more of the same and also lots of back to school expenses. The bills have and are arriving daily and the checking account is taking a beating.

New shoes for me

New shoes for me

With September’s arrival I am putting my austerity plan in place. We aren’t going any where. We will eat at home. No more books for this month as I have an unread pile awaiting me. I made my last clothing purchase yesterday–a replacement for my Good News Club t-shirt. The Subaru has to be serviced next week so that will hopefully be my only big expense for the month. Oh, and my hair appointment tomorrow. I always say that I don’t have a housekeeper or gardner because I have my hair done.


10 responses to “Let the austerity begin

  1. I love your pretty new shoes. They match your hair! 🙂

    • I got them to wear with my uniform shirts and navy slacks. More casual than some of the shoes I’ve been wearing and yet good for standing for long periods, and they look pretty, too.

  2. Ha! Don’t take your personal austerity policies too far!

  3. good luck with holding back the expenses, not an easy thing!

  4. Well, don’t be too frugal. Spending is important, too. Lol.

  5. Yes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I’m budgeting because we have household expenses.

    • I am rebuilding my annuity for future household repairs. Last year we did roof and exterior paint. I really want new flooring and interior paint. However, the money may go for a tree removal. Our maple tree looks like it won’t survive the drought.

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