Chores as the season changes

The csa box brought me a large Armenian cucumber this week. I had some dill in the fridge so decided it was pickle-making season.

The drought has brought such dry conditions. Dust every where. I dusted the front door and porch furnishings this morning.

I noticed the globes on the dining room chandelier were also covered in dust so took them down and ran them through the dishwasher. Wiped down all the cobwebs, too.

Speaking of csa box and all those fall veggies:

They cooked up into a beautiful pasta sauce with the help of a cup of red wine.


6 responses to “Chores as the season changes

  1. Such a lovely sauce, full of good ingredients. Seems like you are a happy lady.

  2. welcome fall, your pasta sauce looks delicious!

  3. I assume the red wine was not in the pasta sauce but in the cook. Am I wrong? 🙂

  4. I love peeking into other bloggers’ lives. Thanks for showing me around!

  5. Clever old you. I have many tomatoes from our prolific tomato plants. We’ve been eating them raw, however.

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