Sunday morning conversation

Terry:  I heard voices next door when I was cleaning up the bodies on the patio.

Me:  They aren’t usually up that early. Do you think Mr. C had anything to do with it?

Terry: No, I’m sure it was the girls who did it.

Me: Yeah, they acted like they knew nothing about it when they came upon them this morning. “Where did these come from?” attitude as they rushed right by, not even stopping to investigate. Guilty girls.

Terry and I watch too many procedural crime shows! We are always looking for guilty behaviors to tell us who the murderer is. Even our cats have a “tell.” The bird and mouse, bodies on the patio, were long dead and of no interest any longer to the girls who feigned total ignorance of such a crime that was committed during the night. But we know. They are indeed the chief suspects, given their previous crimes of stalking and murder.

Oh, and as for Mr. C, the neighbor, another big black cat, who also stalks and murders but who is kept locked indoors at night. We are pretty sure his alibi is solid.


9 responses to “Sunday morning conversation

  1. Oh, this was mega-fun! I am positive the girls did it. Poor innocents. I watch too many crime shows, too. I had a cat who always left mice heads around for me to find. Only the heads, mind you. 🙂

  2. Nice twist at the end to keep us guessing 🙂

  3. You guys are having fun!

  4. But if yours are guilty, perhaps they too should be indoors at night. Yes, fun.

  5. I call our cat “The Surgeon”‘ for his neat dissections. He is very skilled.

  6. Yes animals have a guilty look when they are guilty. Sorry spell check changed your name to Adelaide on my reply to your comment!

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