Too early for pomegranates?

The csa had a special order for pomegranates this week. I could order in one pound increments so I placed an order for 4 pounds. This is what arrived in my box on Tuesday:

I had a vague idea of juicing them and making some jelly. Four would not produce much but that would be okay for a trial run. Then I cut into the biggest one and found this:

  Only half of the fruit was usable. The other three, although not rotted, were not too ripe. This was what I got for my efforts this morning:

As you can see, from this unretouched photo, the berries are very pale and there is only about three cups.

Maybe it’s too early for pomegranates. They are usually around in October, but due to our heat and drought, all produce has come to market very early this year. I thought I was getting in on this year’s crop ahead of others by ordering when the fruit came available.
I’ll juice these and mix with other fruits and veggies and wait for riper fruit if I decide to make jelly.


3 responses to “Too early for pomegranates?

  1. I have never tasted them.

  2. I don’t have these very often.

  3. They look mighty tired. You should get your money back.

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