The pomegranates, part 2

I juiced the pomegranate berries and got one glass of juice. That’s all:

Not enough to make jelly so I juiced some leftover grapes, an apple, one orange, and a handful of basil leaves. That made two large glasses of delicious juice for Terry and me to enjoy on a hot, ash-covered afternoon. I’m hoping it helps our immune system. This bad air is not good for us. 


5 responses to “The pomegranates, part 2

  1. We are temporarily enjoying nice clean air, but I hear you about the awful ash in the air you’re having to breathe. Those smoothies sound really good! 🙂

  2. We have been enjoying pristine air,which helps us endure the humidity. I saw some pomegranates in the store today. They were small and expensive and I didn’t buy any.
    I hope your current bad drought and bad air let up soon.

  3. My friend Debbi who lives high in the Sierra, near Yosemite writes that their spread is on fire and they have evacuated with their. dogs, wolves (yes), cat and parrots. So difficult. We finally got some rain here, but I’ve lost a tree to the drought. Stay calm and buy an air purifier. 🐱

  4. your juices sound delicious and so healthy.

  5. That does look healthy and delicious. I agree. I sure hope the air quality improves for you all.

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