Out to lunch

The Ladies Who Lunch usually do so on Mondays as that is the one day of the week that we all have free and clear. Well, sorta. One of the ladies has been taking her granddaughter to therapy sessions on Mondays so today we met earlier than usual and farther north so she would be close to the highway to make her trip to pick up said granddaughter. Then, she found out the therapist could change the appointments to Thursday, so that’s exactly what she did. She said the appointments were cutting into her social life.

We all joke about keeping our calendars clear for our lunch dates, but it’s really hard to get five women to have the same time and day clear just once a month. Next month we are actually planning two dates, a lunch date on our usual Monday and then a road trip on a Friday. One of the ladies has a friend with an art studio up in the hills that she wants us to see. While we are out, we will also have lunch. It’s what we do.

Today’s lunch was at an Italian restaurant in a very upscale part of town. Beautiful dining room with large padded booths. Service was a bit spotty. The Cobb salad that I ordered, “no egg, please,” came with a sliced hard boiled egg. The vinaigrette ordered on the side came on the side, but it was not very good. With tip, the lunch was $11.75. I wouldn’t be inclined to return.

We sat for three hours, talking about all sorts of things. When we finally opened the big wooden door at 2 o’clock and stepped out of the dim dining room into the bright sunlight the temperature was 100 degrees. The restaurant had provided a cool respite.


3 responses to “Out to lunch

  1. But their AC worked. 🙂

  2. It’s lovely to be able to get together with good friends and socialize!

  3. It’s still awfully hot in your part of the country. We are now having rain and cool temperatures, which is just fine with me. I love to hear about your ladies who lunch. 🙂

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