Up, up, and away

Saturday was the Clovis Balloon Fest. It’s part of a fall celebration in Old Town Clovis, a suburb of Fresno.  Terry and I got up at 4:30 so as to be there when the balloons were inflated at 6:15.

We went last year and enjoyed seeing the people. This year was a larger crowd and lots of strollers. There were the same 8 balloons with the addition of Fresno State’s dirigible.

The balloons did not all take off at the same time so the photo ops were not the greatest, especially with the large crowd.

  After the balloons had set sail, and the crowd began to disperse, we went back to the car and had breakfast, al fresco, out of the trunk of Terry’s car.

Some friends came by and joined us for coffee and orange rolls. It’s our traditional balloon fest breakfast, going back to the 1980s when Fresno hosted 30 balloons each fall, when there were still large parcels of open land on which to set up these massive air-filled creatures.


5 responses to “Up, up, and away

  1. Nice pastime watching those balloons.

  2. What fun! A beautiful bunch of pictures, and that breakfast looks perfect. You’ve had awhile to perfect it all, it seems! 🙂

  3. I think those are pretty good pictures. Looks like fun and a nice way to spend a Saturday morning.

  4. Sounds like a fun day, but I’d have a little trouble getting up that early.

  5. What fun and the breakfast looks wonderful!

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