Chaplaincy accouterments 

The school chaplains meet once a month during the school year, on the last Thursday, at a restaurant where we have breakfast and get our marching orders for the following month. We share trials and tribulations as well as successes. We pray for our schools and for one another. Last week we got some new uniform decorations:

The pin on the right marks my one year of service. It is a star that can be worn on my collar.

The badge on the left is a magnet to be worn on jackets during the colder months.

This week I am giving a pre assessment to the four first grade classes to determine what they know. In May I will give a post assessment to see how much they have learned. I am adverse to giving these, but they are required for reports that provide funding and staffing. I think we test kids too much.


5 responses to “Chaplaincy accouterments 

  1. How neat! I’d love to see the star on your collar, but I have a good imagination. Just the first of many. 🙂

  2. assessing first grade does seem a bit premature.

  3. Does the word police on your badge instill fear or respect?

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