The skies are dark with clouds today. I awoke with a bad sinus headache so I know the barometer is shifting. Can we be hopeful for some precipitation on the first day of the new rainy season?  

Even on a dark, cloudy day the place where I do my writing, reading, praying is warm and cheerful. 


Soon I will leave this to drive across town to Columbia. I’m hoping that the office will be calm today. When I arrived yesterday I found a number of kids there, all in some sort of trouble. The office manager and receptionist both needed hugs. They bear the brunt of disruptive students. 

When I went through on my way out yesterday, one second grader was still there, on the naughty bench. His teacher didn’t want him in class and had sent a packet of work for him to do which he did not understand.

 I sat for awhile, attempting to help him. Common Core math is hard. All these boxes and groups of boxes. The receptionist was complaining  about its usefulness, but as I told her, you have to jump through the hoops that the educational bureaucracy puts up. This is just the latest. 


7 responses to “Hopeful

  1. I wonder if the students were affected by the barometric changes?

  2. Maybe that poor kid is like me. I stopped being able to do math in the third grade.

  3. Math is the devil! lol

  4. Wish you lots of rain!

  5. I too hope you get some rain. I know how much it helped us when the drought began to lift. 🙂

  6. You do good work at the school. The students are lucky they have you.

  7. Poor little kids. Gee…

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