Fixing a broken eye

The past four days have been disconcerting. All seems well now, for which I’m grateful.

It started Friday when Terry called our eye doctor about a blob that appeared in his right eye that morning. Since all of the doctors were out of the office, the receptionist gave Terry a referral to an eye doctor across town. I offered to drive him thinking the doctor might dialate his eyes, making it hard to drive.

After a thorough exam, the doctor determined that Terry’s retina had a tear caused by a blob of eye gelatinous material that had broken lose and attached itself to the retina, thus tearing it. It would require laser surgery.

The surgery couldn’t happen until Monday morning. Terry was to be still and quiet over the weekend. Our plans suddenly changed. We couldn’t do things we had been looking forward to. I had to change my Monday morning plans so as to again drive Terry to his appointment.

The eye center where the surgery took place is huge. They do all sorts of things from eye exams and new glasses to eyelid reconstruction and cataract surgery. Hundreds of people coming and going. We waited with the masses.

Terry had to go through a series of exams and then prep for the laser procedure. The technician marked the eye that needed help.

The surgeon “welded” the tear and will see Terry in two weeks. He can resume his normal activities except for bungee jumping, parachuting, trampoline jumping, and running. None of those are “normal” for him so shouldn’t present a problem.


9 responses to “Fixing a broken eye

  1. X marks the spot! lol.

  2. I had a painful stye last month, and I know how much it can hurt to have something awful going on in your eye. So glad to hear Terry will be fine now. Isn’t technology wonderful? 🙂

  3. This was pretty serious surgery. So glad he was able to get treatment. My son had a tear in his retina when he was in grade 8. In Toronto we have one retinal specialist and he is so busy, but we were also lucky and K got laser treatment and it has been fine over the years. The specialist is too busy to have ongoing checks and I don’t think our optometrist is too good at checking this kind of thing. We just have to be alert to symptoms.

  4. Good outcome. He’s lucky indeed.

  5. My goodness! I am just amazed that he was able to get laser surgery so quickly. Hope all’s well that ends well.

    • The eye surgery place has surgeons available 24/7 for this type of repair. Terry’s was not severe enough to warrant emergency surgery so that was why we could wait until Monday morning. We were given a list of symptoms, though, that would require emergency surgery. Made our weekend a bit harrowing.

  6. Oh my. I’m so sorry. My friend had her retina detach our our high school girlfriend trip last month. It was scary for all of us. She had the surgery and is finally able to see out of half of her eye. Once the bubble they put on the retina dissolves, all should be well. I’m so glad Terry was able to get this done when he did. I hope his healing is complete and happens quickly.

  7. I had this occur when I was in my thirties, unmarried and on my own. Thank goodness all was okay. It’s scary. Those are your peepers.

  8. Glad things worked out well. Eye surgery has come a long way. Doesn’t even need a patch. Halloween is coming. Terry could have been a pirate.

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