We’ve all done it. A small chore that turns into a big project? You’ve probably found yourself in this predicament many a time. I have, and today was just such a time.

It’s starting to rain here. That is a good thing. I have to move things around on the patio, because if we get the gullywashers they’ve forecast, then the patio may get wet. That means the wicker chairs need to go back to the storage unit. And since I bought pillows for them this year, those too need to go to storage. So I bagged the pillows, reconfigured the Subaru for hauling purposes, and loaded chairs and sack of pillows into the back and headed to the storage unit, a short distance from our house.

Yes, we’ve had rain. Yes, it’s cooled off. Today, though, it is warm, and especially when the sun is beating down on a south facing storage unit that is surrounded by concrete, it is downright hot. I grumbled and mumbled, again, as I wrested the chairs from the car, got them into place in the small building and recovered everything with the dusty covers that are supposed to keep the dust off of the items in the unit. It was hot and I was sweating. Why do we have a unit facing the south that gets so hot? Why can’t I have a north facing storage unit? That is the question that made the chore into a big project.

I stopped at the office and asked about a similar size unit but facing north. The office lady gave me some numbers to go look at, and sure enough one of them faced north. It was right across the roadway from my current storage unit. I went back and told her I’d take that one. Took her awhile to figure out what I wanted. I just want to switch units. Until everything is moved out, though, I have to pay for two units. Seems fair.

She asked if I had a truck for moving. No, I don’t need a truck. Oh, yeah, you have the Subaru. No, I don’t need that either. I don’t have much heavy stuff and the units are close. After I signed all the paperwork and paid for the new unit, I decided to drive back in and get all those dusty covers to take home and launder before moving. As I arrived back at the original unit, here came the office lady in her golf cart to put on the new lock for which I already had the keys.

Seeing the location of the two units, she laughed. “Oh, this really is easy-peasy, isn’t it?” Yes it is.

Since I had both units open now, I thought, what the heck, I might as well start moving some of the stuff from the old to the new. I took off all of the covers, threw them in the back of the Subaru. Also tossed in a printer box that was just taking up space. It’s the box we used to cart the printer we got for the San Francisco apartment. Since we aren’t planning to go back, we’ll not be needing that box. There is another empty box that contained Terry’s printer monitor, but I’ll let him deal with that.

I carried all the Christmas decorations to the new unit. Took a few trips, back and forth, and even though the distance was short, the temperature was climbing and the sun was blazing. Remember, that was my complaint with that old unit. I was sweating. I was dirty. I was tired. I would leave the rest for Terry to do. The rest being all the boxes of books and journals.

I had texted Terry that I was going to look into getting a different storage unit. His reply? “Smaller, less expensive?” No. All the same size and price.

During my drive home, the text pings started. One of his texts, “I can come help.” Within minutes I was driving into the garage and Terry was meeting me at the back door. “Did you decide to move everything this afternoon?” No, I left plenty for you! I showed him a photo of what remains. All those book boxes are heavy. He will take the clean sheets back to cover the boxes in the new unit.

Returning those chairs to storage sure turned into a bigger job than I had planned for a Sunday afternoon. While washing the sheets, I roasted a turkey that will feed us this next week as I will be working every day at the Historical Society, answering phones, with little time to fix meals.


10 responses to “Moving

  1. Yes, you definitely ended up with a bigger job than you thought at first. But the good thing is that now you’ll have a north facing unit! 🙂

  2. Moving is never fun. interesting that you have a storage unit.

    • We originally rented the unit for Jen’s furniture and possessions when she returned from college but before leaving for grad school. When she moved to Berkeley, she didn’t take everything so we kept the unit.

      I had all these Christmas decorations that needed a better home than the hall closet so i moved those. Next thing to go there were the 500 or so books that I had scattered all over the house. The Christmas decorations have continued to increase; the books have been given away; now I have boxes and boxes of journals and photos. I also store summer patio furniture there during the off season. It’s also a great place for my very large suitcase.

      You see, we live in a very small house, about 1500 sq feet. We use our garage to park our two cars, not store our stuff.

  3. When we downsized last year to make room for our rental unit, we could have rented a storage unit for our things, but we decided not to. We simply took stuff to the dump or we donated them. No regrets.

    • I got rid of lots of stuff when we went to live in San Francisco for 15 months. All of my entertaining gear went to friends and Goodwill. The 500 books went to various books sales and libraries. Any outfit I hadn’t worn in the last two years was given away. I had empty drawers, shelves, and cabinets when I was done. However, now that we have been back for 3 years I have been filling up those spaces. Sigh. Lots of it is material I use for my chaplaincy work.

  4. We have plenty of room in our house for stuff, and we tend not to accumulate much anyway. I think I would have a stroke if I did as much in a day as you do! And I mean that literally!

  5. I’m so happy to have my shed repaired. It sits on the west side of the house which is shadedbytheneighbors house in summer. Winters a cold wind blow through the ally. Rain, beautiful rain. But why does it come in a flood?

    • We actually have room on the greenhouse pad to put a shed but I’ve never thought of doing it. I did buy a large patio box to put all of the grandkids outdoor toys. That gave me more room in the garage.

  6. You certainly got your exercise yesterday!

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