God is in the small things

This morning, while reading my devotional, I noticed a tiny tickle at the back of my throat. Nothing severe enough to even make me cough, just enough to notice. The tickle reminded me that I was out of throat lozenges in my purse, having taken the last one while in church a number of Sundays ago. Sometimes when I start singing, my throat gets a funny tickle that eventually causes me to cough. Figured I better throw more throat lozenges in my purse.

On the way to church, sure enough that tickle could be felt. Not annoying, but there, so I decided to pop one of those lozenges in my mouth. No more had I got it in my mouth than I felt the lozenge pull on my tooth. It had pulled a crown off of my far back tooth. Probably one of my older crowns on which the adhesive had finally given way.

I grumbled about having to now phone the dentist and try to arrange an appointment this week around an already full schedule. Terry said I should be grateful the crown came off on the lozenge, in the car, and not get broken or swallowed. He felt that God was taking very good care of the crown, which probably cost $1000. It can be reglued and continue to do its job which would not be possible if it was broken or swallowed. Had I not had the tickle and needed a lozenge, who knows when and where the crown might have come off.

Oh, and the tickle in my throat? Gone. Never came back.


3 responses to “God is in the small things

  1. A nice reminder that everything happens for a reason.

  2. All is well that ends well!

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