A change

Monday’s evening temperature is 22 degrees cooler than it was Sunday at dinner time. It’s now dark at dinner time, and with today’s rain storm, the sun was never seen, rising or setting.

Remember my pledge to halt purchases last month? I did pretty well, but now I have to make up for that spending halt. I needed greeting cards, books, school rewards and supplies, oh, and groceries. I got pretty wet while running errands this morning even though I did wear boots and a hooded coat. Juggling shopping bags from store to car made it hard to pull the coat close and make a dash for the car. I was glad to get home and turn on the lamps (yes, in the middle of the day), change out of the wet clothes, and make preparations for the next three days when I will be at schools.

The weather has changed. The light has changed. My pace this week will be slower, another change, and one I especially like.


5 responses to “A change

  1. Yes, with the time change, I think we all slow down a little. 🙂

  2. We are having warm summery weather this week in Toronto, yay.

  3. You are a busy woman!

  4. The weather has continue to be beautiful here, but that will be changing soon. I’m not looking forward to colder and darker days.

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