Super lazy Saturday

Do you ever have one of those days when it’s 1:30 in the afternoon and you are still in your pajamas? That is me today. I woke up with the beginnings of a migraine but with hopes of pushing it off with an Excedrin. Didn’t work so tried a Claritin thinking it was just a sinus headache. Nope. Finally, at 10:30 I gave up and took an Imitrex. The pain, along with the meds, made me feel very lazy so not much has been accomplished today.

A few loads of laundry. Some copies for next week’s storytelling (Tacky the Penguin). Roast beef sandwiches for lunch. A quick preview of Good News Story for which I am responsible (the Samaritan leper) on Tuesday.

I should have unloaded all the crafting materials from my car. It is all still there, in the back, just where I put everything when I loaded up the leftovers yesterday after 24 small children used every sticker and roll of decorative tape that I brought. The colored pencils need to be sharpened. The glue sticks need to be replaced. All the leftover colored paper needs to be sorted back into file folders for another project day. It’s not happening today, though. My body is refusing to move out to the garage, much less open that door to Pandora’s box of crafting supplies.

Then there is the prep I should be doing for the next after school craft day. Just three weeks away. Plenty of time…

Fortunately there were sandwich makings in the house for lunch. Not a whole lot else, though. Today was supposed to be grocery shopping, you know, after I unloaded the craft supplies. Two different stores. A list of items both for the upcoming week and to replenish pantry supplies. A vegan Thanksgiving dinner  as well as sundry vegan meals must be planned as our kids will be here in less than two weeks for the next holiday. My head is resistant, though, to planning and making shopping lists. My body unwilling to get ready to make the trips to the grocery stores.

So, here I sit, on the couch with my laptop, still in my pajamas, typing this post. It’s about all my brain and body feel up to for now.


12 responses to “Super lazy Saturday

  1. I HATE migraines! I get them and it just takes over your entire life until it’s gone. I hope it is gone before tomorrow.

    • Yes, the migraine is gone. It was gone by noon, but the meds just made me feel lazier. By 3:30, though, I was able to go out and unload the crafting supplies and return them all to their spots and sharpen the colored pencils. I should write a post about that sharpening business.

  2. I’ve never had a migraine and hope I never do. I am wondering what causes them and if there is more thaqn one reason. By the way..I have also wondered why Joyce is feeding the school children and why there is no programs..lunch program to feed them. I thought this was a given in every state now. But..I could be wrong. Joyce is a generous soul..and tries to give back to society something since she has been one of the fortunates.

    Yes..I’ve gotten up at that ungodly hour in the afternoon…and other times just plodded around the house doing this and that in my pj’s all day long…and like a terrible person went back to bed and sleep. Thankfully that happens very, very seldom. The pj thing..well that’s different. 🙂 Ashamed to say how often I do that!! Here’s wishing you a lovely weekend..with no more headaches.

    • Mine are brought on by change in air pressure. Any time a storm is going to roll in or out, my head feels it. Sometimes, like today, they get bad enough to take the Imitrex. I’m thankful that Imitrex works for me, it doesn’t for many migraneuers.

  3. Poor you. Migraines can lay you low. Get well soon.

  4. Hope the down time helps you regenerate. You sound pretty busy.

  5. That was a lot of meds for your body to process, so I’m not surprised you were tired today. Glad the migraine went away, though. 🙂

    • Yes, way too many meds. I should have just taken the Imitrex at the start, but I always hope that I can push the headache away with an excedrin. Wishful thinking on my part.

  6. Every once in a while you need to treat your body to a day off. Glad to hear the medicine worked and you’re feeling better.

  7. Thank the Lord, I rarely even have a headache and have never suffered migraines. However, if I had as much on my to do list as you, I’d probably have migraines every day. Think there’s a connection?

    • i’m really not that busy. Here it is, Sunday afternoon, and I’m sitting on the couch, typing on my laptop. I’ve nothing else planned for today except for cooking dinner tonight. Terry got Chinese takeout for dinner last night and there is plenty leftover. I’m going to stirfry some veggies and throw in to the noodles. Wa la, dinner. We had quesadillas for lunch after church. Very easy.

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