The pencil sharpener 

I don’t remember where it came from. Did we buy this pencil sharpener?  Maybe for use at school when I started teaching? Did it come from the company that closed up shop while Terry was working for it, giving all the office supplies to laid off employees? Perhaps. We have an air tight storage cabinet in the garage from that company’s demise. Terry has always said he never left a company, the company left him. It’s happened twice.
But back to that pencil sharpener. It sits in the computer room, on my desk. I use it weekly. It does a good job of sharpening my colored pencils as well as the regular black leaded ones, too. I like a sharp point.

Since I have colored pencils for the kids to use with crafts, those too must be sharpened. There are about 125 pencils. A lot of wear and tear on the old sharpener. I had considered using the very new and stylish sharpener in the faculty workroom at the school. After all, the pencils are for the school’s students.  Then, on Friday, as I sat in the workroom, waiting for school to end, one of the kindergarten teachers came through, stuck her pencil in said sharpener but quickly yanked it out.

“Oh, I forgot  that pencil sharpener doesn’t work. I’ll use the one in the front office.”

There went my idea of saving my sharpener. Yesterday I finally felt well enough to unload the crafting supplies from my car and take care of those colored pencils so they’ll be ready for Christmas crafting. My old Panasonic machine did the job just fine. Sometimes the old stuff works better than the more stylish new machines.


4 responses to “The pencil sharpener 

  1. I’m sure that sharpener was a lot more expensive than one today!

  2. Me and my Cuisinart coffee bean grinder can relate. Clicking along for over 40 years now with ne’er a problem. Made in France.


  3. I don’t know where my electric pencil sharpener went. Using a hand sharpener these days!

  4. I love my old pencil sharpener. Mine is much like yours, and it’s right on top of my drawing board.

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