The week’s not over just yet

Today should be the last day of my week. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are my work days so it always feels like Friday by the time I wrap up Thursday afternoon. This week, though, I have an invitation to return to the elementary school on Friday afternoon and join the first graders for their Thanksgiving Feast.

I plan to go but in plain clothes, not my chaplain’s uniform. I will be their guest and let the small children entertain me. They have been filling me in these past two days with what they are planning to bring and what we will do. It all sounds delightful.

It is a beautiful fall afternoon here. The sun is low on the horizon and lights up the family room each afternoon. I would love for it to be like this next Thursday when we have Thanksgiving dinner here but the forecast is for rain which we need so I can’t complain. It’s nice to sit out here in this sunlit room to do my writing for now.


4 responses to “The week’s not over just yet

  1. Have a lovely time with the children!

  2. It’s beautiful in that lovely room. I haven’t looked forward to our Thanksgiving weather, but I suspect we might have a little bit of snow! No hike, that’s for sure. We have the day off. 🙂

  3. A cozy place. I like your comfy chairs.

  4. How nice to be invited to the kids’ party. You sound happy.

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