No longer at this number

I have had my iPhone and its number since mid-2009. Someone named Ordi had the number before me. I know this because I got so many calls for her after getting the phone. Calls from debt collectors, clients, and even family. It seems that Ordi didn’t update her number with anyone.

As time went on, and I told more and more people she did not have the number any more, the calls decreased. Every year, though, I would get a couple. All of a sudden, in September, I started getting a barrage of calls from insurance companies with quotes and updates for Ordi. Even though my voicemail message clearly outlines whose phone this is and how to contact ME, these companies were leaving messages, left and right, for Ordi, some that even included the insurance details. So much so that I started returning, or answering, the calls, and telling them they had the wrong number. None of them seemed convinced.

Much like Ordi’s family. They too have contacted me, especially her mother, trying to locate Ordi. I really have no idea where the woman is. Her mother kept telling me that this was Ordi’s phone. No, it WAS her number prior to May 2009, but it’s now MY number. Did I have Ordi’s new number? Uh, no.

Today, six and a half years after getting the phone number, I get a text from Ordi’s sister. She wants her father’s cell phone number so she can wish him happy birthday as his birthday is tomorrow. Aaack. The whole family has problems keeping up with each other. I texted back that the number no longer belongs to Ordi and hasn’t since 2009.

Do you think I’ve heard the end of this? I doubt it, but I’m getting an idea of what to do the next time it happens. I’m going to tell the caller that Ordi has gone into witness protection and will never be heard from again.



14 responses to “No longer at this number

  1. This reminds me of the mail after my parents died. Since they lived in another city, I had their mail forwarded to me. And little by little I started contacting people telling them my parents were deceased and to take them off the mailing list. I actually had one person tell me that my PARENTS would have to call and make the request. Huh?

  2. That is actually kind of weird. Apparently Ordi really IS in witness protection, since nobody can get ahold of her at all! 🙂

  3. We had a barrage of debt collectors calling on our last number for the woman who had it previously. After contacting the phone company, we were told that they “hold” a number in reserve only 6 months then can reissue it. One easter sunday we received 22 calls from debt collectors.

    I actually found the person they were looking for on Google. Took me only a minute or so. You’d think the collectors could manage that. Nope. She actually lived in Clovis, only a few miles away.

    I thought might as well begin to enjoy this, or at least get a bit of retribution, so I began asking them to hold the line, that I would get her, and then just set the phone down. After a few weeks of this, the number of calls quickly declined, and finally ended.

    BTW: the phone company was of no use, offering to only give us a new number.

    • Yeah, I never thought that AT&T could help. This woman just disappeared from her life and left no forwarding number. She is a hair dresser so I got calls for months from her clients. No wonder she couldn’t pay her bills!

  4. you have me laughing today, it’s not really funny I know.

  5. Craziness. I can’t believe this. You would think she would at least let her mother and sister know where she is. Things like this drive me crazy. Jim had the same phone number (home) for over thirty years. When we moved to a new town forty miles away, we had to get a new number. We also go some girl’s number who never pays her bills and the bill collectors always ask where she is, etc. Her number, now ours, is also connected with customer loyalty cards at the grocery store. I ask them to change it, but they never do. I feel your pain. You have a worse problem than I do. Yes, I would change my number, but then again, that is such a pain.

  6. This is one strange tale! I never even thought about numbers being re-issued,but of course they would be.

  7. Well, at least, the calls weren’t obscene!

  8. Wow, how bizarre. I finally unhooked the message recorder from my landline owing to noxious calls. Needs must!

  9. I wonder if she doesn’t WANT to be found by her family.

  10. I feel your pain as I once had a number that a guy in the military swore was his wife’s number and would beg me, “Let me talk to my wife”. He felt I was one of her family members blocking him from her. I tried to be nice saying I’d just got the number, but he would not believe me, kept calling to the point of harassment until I called the phone company and got another number. Always wondered since then what was going on in that relationship where the wife had changed her number and not let him know. Maybe someone who knows Ordi or Ordi herself will luck upon your post and your mystery will get solved.

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