In excellent health

It’s been a busy week what with school chaplain duties and a bunch of medical appointments. I’ve seen the dentist, the internist, the eye doctor, and this morning the radiologist.

My teeth and gums are in great shape, says my dentist and hygienist. My X-rays looked good. The eye doctor took a picture of my eyeball and declared it extremely healthy for the age I am. There is one thing, though. My lens is yellowing and hardening. Not enough to be replaced yet but enough to take the sharpness out of my vision. The hardening of the lens is also the reason my night vision is not very good. In a few years, the eye doctor says, he can authorize surgery to replace the lens. It’s the same as what is done for cataracts now. Medicine and technology are amazing. In the meantime, my vision, uncorrected, is good enough to pass the driver’s exam.

I spent three hours with my internist. Two of the hours were her lunch break. She did little examining beyond some poking and prodding, instead just talking. We could have talked for three more hours if she didn’t have another patient. My lab work was fitted into this time frame, and since I was there so long, the results came back before I left. All my numbers are excellent. My health is excellent. My doctor is very pleased with the way I am living my life. She is a big believer in attitude and lifestyle for good health.

There is one number, though, on my lab work that bothers her. It’s something called creatinine that has increased little by little over the past 10 years. Although normal range is 1.20 or less, and mine is 1.24, she can’t figure out why the increase. She insisted that I have a kidney ultrasound which I did early this morning. The radiologist couldn’t quite figure out why I was having this procedure.

“Is there pain when you urinate?” No.

“Is there blood in your urine?” No.

“Do you feel bad?” No, I feel great.

The ultrasound took about 20 minutes, with lots of holding my breath, which I’m not good at. “I see movement. Take a deep breath and HOLD it.” The technician probably thought I was just wasting his time.

Now I’m off to Columbia to deliver 23 toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes. I’m also doing a Christmas craft day with the after school kids. We are making Christmas tree puppets, Santa stick puppets, ornaments, and Christmas cards. ‘Tis the season.



3 responses to “In excellent health

  1. That’s all very good news, but like you, I would wonder why the slow increase in creatinine. It sure sounds good overall, though. I think it’s great that your doctor is following up. 🙂

  2. Glad to hear you’ve done all the routine medical tests, onward to the Christmas season. Hope the creatinine thing gets resolved in a good way.

  3. Your health is pretty good, so go and celebrate!

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