Sunday morning, once again

The week flew by, but I knew it would. There were so many activities packed onto the calendar, plus all the other chores that keep our life moving along. Many of you dear Readers comment on how busy I am, and yet I’m not, until this month! Then whoosh…busy is definitely the adjective to use to describe this life, even in retirement, during this time.

There were all those medical appointments that I wrote about. There was preparation for storytelling and craft making. Terry had a birthday in between the busyness that created a time to slow down and unwind. His week, just like mine has been busy.

We had spent one evening at a yearly charity event that Terry has photographed for the past five years. Four hundred children who live in severe poverty, along with their parents, are given an evening of fun and gifts, along with amazing food from a number of local restaurants. I made coloring pages and bought color crayons to hand out this time. Terry is currently editing the photos he took.

On Saturday, after taking care of many of the usual chores, we drove into the hills to an open house for a business I discovered this past year–Basil Wood Goat Farm. They make the most amazing goat milk soap that I wanted to stock up on for our own use plus buy for gifts. I don’t give many gifts at Christmas, but what I do give needs to be very special. This soap is just that special.

As Christmas wound down last year, I realized I was sending my last Christmas card. Over the decades I had stockpiled so many fabulous cards but had finally sent them all out into the world. I had no more in my card drawer. Knowing that, I stopped at our local pharmacy which has a post office inside, and bought Peanuts Christmas stamps and two boxes of cards. I had waited too long to find fabulous cards, but the ones I got are festive. My next project is to get cards written and mailed by December 11.

It is Sunday. We will attend church. There will be a Christmas lunch afterwards. I will come home and make bean soup that will provide a few meals for what looks to be another very busy week. I’m giving holiday tours at Kearney Mansion this week in addition to my school chaplain duties.


3 responses to “Sunday morning, once again

  1. It’s nice to be busy. It keeps you from being lonely during the holidays.

    • Oh, I’m never lonely, no matter the time of year. There is just so much going on, all the time. We have good friends with whom to share the good times.

  2. I must say you are so organized Delaine! Many of my blog friends seem to be that way, as I tend to be.

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