’tis the season to scam

Beware! There are a number of scams going ’round. Don’t believe anything you hear until you check it out yourself, or as in my case, ignore it completely.

We’ve been receiving recorded messages on our home answering machine for a few weeks, different voice each time, telling us that we are being sued by the IRS and this is our final notice to take care of this before it goes to court. Yeah, sure.

Another message that has come our way is one telling us that we have won a cruise…I hang up before they get into the details. I know that by “winning” I would have to pay FEES. Besides, I don’t cruise anywhere as I’m afraid of boats and water.

Many of the calls we get do not leave a message. I guess that’s when they send a letter like the one I received yesterday. It told me that the company, some made-up airline name, had been trying to contact me to tell me that I will receive two free airline tickets (on their made-up airline) to anywhere in the United States. The value of these tickets is $1244. If they can send me a letter, why not just send me the tickets?

Some of the fraud out there IS real. I subscribe to a service that notifies me anytime someone queries a credit agency in my name. I received an email on Sunday evening that had happened. Amazon was the company making the query. I don’t do anything with Amazon so I knew it wasn’t me. Sure enough, someone had used my identity to set up an account. Amazon is shutting it down and putting a notice on the account that NO ONE is to open an account with my name.

Be skeptical but check it out. The bad guys are out there, making a fortune off of unfortunate people who are gullible and/or lazy.


11 responses to “’tis the season to scam

  1. I do use amazon, and I use many book services all over the world. I do not plan on taking a cruise this year tho, nor do I plan to go any of those other places. Somehow I missed the airline tickets. Gosh.

    If they do not leave a message that means they are using an older automated system. LOL

  2. That’s awful about Amazon. Hope that doesn’t happen to me.

  3. I worry about the seniors

    • Terry has a few “clients” who have bought into those calls from “Microsoft” that take over the computer and they need to pay a ransom to get their computer back. He keeps saying, “why do people fall for that stuff?”

  4. You really have to work hard to keep one step ahead of the scammers.

  5. Since I am a senior, I worry about myself, too! But I use Amazon all the time, so they cannot pretend to set up an account with me, can they? I sure don’t see how. That was a good catch on your part.

  6. I don’t pick up the phone unless I know who’s calling . I also use call block to cut down on the number of dubious calls.

  7. I’m so nervous about all these scams that even when I get a notice for an update on my computer… I hesitate. How do I know it’s a real update? Sigh… Not too many phone scams so far. Only that same Indian voice telling us they are from Windows to fix my computer, if only I would do what they say,

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