The sun shines

Early Sunday morning the sun came up:

By the time we returned from church the sky was dark and the wind was howling. We had bean soup and tortillas for lunch and hunkered down for a stormy afternoon.

I made potato and leek soup with biscuits for dinner while the rain lashed the windows and thunder rolled across the city. The temperatures had dropped and the snow fell abundantly in the mountains.

The storm blew on and there was sunshine early again this morning. We are reaching the day when the sun comes up far off in the southern sky and lights up the north wall in the living room:


10 responses to “The sun shines

  1. Nice pictures. Our sun doesn’t rise at this time of year until 8:00am! And it’s so low in the sky all day long that our short days seem even shorter.

    • Someone once told me that they thought Washington should be in another time zone due to its far west leaning. The sun is up here around 7 right now, which seems so late when i like to get up at 6.

  2. Nice to see the sunshine!

  3. You describe my favorite afternoon…bad weather and great soup!

  4. No storm in Hawaii for quite a while, now.

  5. Lovely. The winter rays are welcome. My parrots want to go to bed at 4 in the afternoon. Being tropical their ancestors lived where the sun shone 12 hours every day of the year for most of them.

  6. I like both those pictures. Right now the sunlight still looks summery here.

  7. I enjoy thinking about your lovely, cozy home life.

    • Thanks. I haven’t seen much of it this week. I’m going to enjoy just sitting in my living room and enjoying my surroundings for the rest of this day.

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