Rainy & cold Saturday

Perfect day to stay indoors. No major plans except doing a hamper full of laundry and putting away all of my story-telling paraphernalia. There are some Christmas crafting materials around here that also need to be tucked back into the dark recesses of the computer room closet.

I made “snails” with puff pastry and lots of cinnamon sugar.

Also made plans for food this next week. I’m thinking of chicken enchiladas and chicken pot pies to see us through the Christmas holiday. It will just be the two of us and we have plans to eat out one evening and Terry will go to his mother’s one evening. I recommended to him that he take the food this year. I will make a pecan pie for him to take. His mother usually buys a frozen one that is not very good. I make a really good pecan pie. 

Speaking of enjoying one’s own cooking, I sat down with a snail, hot tea served in a cup I was given 27 years ago by a student, and a musical snow globe I was given this week by one of the first grade teachers. It plays Winter Wonderland.

This appears to be a good start to the holiday break.


4 responses to “Rainy & cold Saturday

  1. Love the snow globe! Merry Christmas Delaine!

  2. I’ll bet your pecan pie is delicious! 🙂

  3. That snail looks good. Better with Kona coffee, though.

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