Settling into 2016

The holidays are behind us, back to the routine. Which I find comforting right about now. The pace is still slower than usual. There is time to think. No big demands on time or energy right now.

The small grandchildren have been returned to their parents. We spent almost all of New Year’s Day on the road, taking them home and getting ourselves back to Fresno. They weren’t real happy to head home and would have gladly stayed a few more days with us. However, they go back to school on Monday and life will return to a more normal routine. Better to make ready over the weekend than wait until Sunday.

Terry and I returned home to put everything back in place and clean after a week of all play and no chores. Laundry had piled up. The car needed washing. Household supplies were running low. I made a list of errands to run this next week to get us back to normal routine which will begin for us the following week. The schools in Fresno take an extra week at Christmas to allow for families to travel to Mexico to see family.

A friend and I have made plans to meet up and get provisions to a family in need of some care. I will be helping to prepare and serve two funeral luncheons at our church at the end of the week. Reservations have been made for a mid-month trip back to stay with our grandkids while their parents are occupied elsewhere. I’m even starting to get ideas for craft days at Columbia.

On with 2016 and all that it has to offer.


4 responses to “Settling into 2016

  1. I’m quite excited about 2016 and feel surges of hope coursing through me,. I wish the same for you my friend.

  2. It is comforting to get back to a routine, things back to normal.

  3. You had a busy time with your grandkids and now you have other things to do. Glad that you are well enough for all of this. Blessings!

  4. Even your downime is eventful! Thinking bout you everytime I crack a pomegranate.

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