Ready, set, bake

I got materials ready for my first graders. The first story of the year will be about a mouse who perseveres and accomplishes her goal. There is a mouse for each classroom. 


For now the mice are hanging out with a couple of other characters. 

I am set for reading material for the next couple of weeks. I’ve become obsessed with the author, Kate Morton and her style of writing. 

We got a lot of Meyer lemons in our last csa box so today I baked the first pie for 2016, lemon merengue. 


If this weekend is any indicator, then the rest of the year is going to be really good.  


5 responses to “Ready, set, bake

  1. Oh, that pie looks so good! I’d love to have a piece. I’ll rummage around in my bare cupboard to see if I can find something that will make me miss having a piece a little bit. 🙂

  2. That book sounds interesting and I am glad that pie is not in my house! I have been eating too many sweets!

  3. And you are a good teacher

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