The first week of the year

We are still in vacation mode here, the first week of 2016. The schools take three weeks for winter break, so they don’t return to the classroom until next week, and I have until Wednesday, January 13, before I show up in the first grade rooms. I feel pretty giddy with the free time I have this week. However, I am filling in the days, here and there.

Terry will be returning to his charitable work tomorrow, the fifth, so today we are running some errands together. I have two pair of shoes that desperately need repair and refinish. Terry spilled gasoline on his expensive driving shoes while we were on our grandchild return trip last Friday. We are hoping a talented cobbler can take care of all of these shoes.

The children in the after school program at Columbia really want me to do crafts one Friday in January. I had promised we would do Valentines in February, but they pleaded for something in January. The grandchildren did watercolors while they were here last week, and I wondered if that would be a good idea for the after school kids. I’m going to stop at the school supply store and see if I can put together 25 paint stations.

It’s been ages since I have given in to my guilty pleasure–shopping at the Salvation Army Thrift Store. Tomorrow I will meander through to see what I can find, but my main purpose is to buy pants for the clothes closet at Columbia. Right before vacation, a first grader wet her pants and had to wait in the nurse’s office for her parent to come with a clean pair. I asked the home liaison about spare pants being on hand for just such an event so kids didn’t have to lose class time. She said that the clothes closet was depleted. I knew she had been giving away coats that week as it had turned very cold. She told me there was a real need for pants sizes 6 to 10. I’m hoping I can find an abundance at Salvation Army so as to get through the spring semester.

Later in the week I will be helping to prepare funeral lunches for two members of our church who died over the Christmas holidays.



9 responses to “The first week of the year

  1. That’s such a good idea about having extra pants for such events. And I too enjoy shopping at those places, looking for really wonderful items for sale cheap. In fact, I’m wearing a vest I got there! 🙂

  2. I love the idea of stocking pants and coats from the Salvation army! You are brave to do a painting class!

  3. Enjoy your free time before classes begin although there’s always something home related to fit in and you sound busy. All the best for the new year.

  4. You are so thoughtful and caring. The idea of having spare pants for the kids is an excellent one and not something a lot of us would have thought of.

    • The reasons for missing class are many, and these kids just really have so many issues, it seems that a pair of pants is a small thing to provide.

  5. That is great idea! I know that we always had a need for extra clothes for the grade school kids when I was working a few years back. I will have to remember that when I go to a Salvation Army. This is a great way to help out the schools that have such a need. Enjoy the rest of your time off.

    • Yes, every neighborhood school can use spare clothes. Even the schools that are in good neighborhoods. There are kids who don’t have as much as others.

  6. We don’t have much time to slow down before life resumes. Happy New Year!

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