Friday discontent

Maybe it’s the post-holiday let-down.

Maybe it’s because, after days of rain and gloom, today is cold and foggy, and still gloomy.

Maybe it’s because the air pressure changed overnight and my head hurt so much I had to take an Imitrex before going out this morning for fear I would have a full-raging migraine.

Maybe it’s because I cut my finger while helping to prepare a funeral luncheon at church this morning.

Whatever the reason, I am now home, sitting on the couch, with my hoody pulled up over my head and feeling very much out of sorts, having left the luncheon prep to a kitchen-full of other church ladies. The cut finger did me in. I didn’t want to work with any more food for fear of contamination, nor did I feel very engaged and engaging, so I quickly excused myself and made a bee-line for my car. I realized, driving away, that I felt really awful, both physically and emotionally.

That’s when I tried to figure out why I felt this way. The finger surely couldn’t be the reason, yet it seemed to bethe tipping point. The cut was superficial, but one that produced copious amounts of blood. The headache had retreated, under an Imitrex-induced pall. Although the weather was still yucky, the car was warm and traffic light. I just could not put my finger on the reason, except to say, “I feel terrible.”



12 responses to “Friday discontent

  1. Maybe it’s just your soul’s way of telling you to slow down and take a break for awhile. I’m sorry you’re feeling so blue, but I also know you will soon rebound, if you give yourself permission to pull up the covers and retreat for awhile.:-)

    • I’m thinking God is trying to tell me something. Like, “give it a rest,” and “come back tomorrow.” Sometimes I just try to be and do more than I should.

  2. I am so sorry about this sideways depression. My George get’s depressed after long periods of dank, dark, greyness. He’s begun using light therapy. Here we have a day or so of sun before the next batch of rain.

  3. I’m sorry. I hope you feel better soon. I was like that day before yesterday. I hurt everywhere. I had neuropathy and my back was killing me. I had ringing ears and felt a migraine coming on. I too took my meds for such conditions and went to bed early. The next day, yesterday, it was all gone. It snowed also. I think I was miserable from the change in air pressure. I’m grateful to live where most days we have sunshine. I would not do well in constant foggy, cold, rainy weather. I think its time you went on vacation to a sunny beach.

    • Yes, I would like to get away. We will be going to the Bay Area soon. But rain is forecast for the whole state. We are desperate for the water so I can’t complain.

  4. Oh, I hope you get to the bottom of your discontentment soon. I find quiet and contemplation (and prayer) helps me figure out issues when I’m in the middle of them.

  5. Oh Delaine… I’m so sorry. Sometimes we have those days and it’s just a bunch of stuff all coming together and taking us to the tipping point. I sure hope you feel better very soon.

  6. Maybe you just need some serious ‘down’ time, it’s normal after a strenuous holiday season.

  7. Definitely a post-holiday letdown. The news isn’t helpful either.

  8. Hi there..check in on my blog (not sure why) and was surprised to see your comment. After holiday blues…sorta like after baby blues? All that hype and then the let down.
    I’m just going to get on to the next reason to decorate I guess. I’ve felt like you and it’s not pleasant. I’ve wondered how others have handled it. Having a goal seems to help me …a bit. A bit!
    Yep..cottage cheese ceilings are staying here too. Like you..the thought of removing them is just not worth it. Can you imagine the mess?? Me too!!
    Take care and keep your chin up! 🙂

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