A good thing?

…or too much of a good thing?

Rain. Lots of rain has fallen in California the past three days. We need the rain, and especially snow on the mountains. There has been snow falling, too, making the ski slopes happy places. 

Farmers are breathing easier, not only for the water but also for the colder temperatures. Trees and vines need low temperatures to help them hibernate and store up energy. 

So, what’s MY complaint?  Freeway travel in a downpour is not fun. Terry and I left the Bay Area shortly after 6 this morning so as to beat the traffic and be able to get home in time for a meeting. 

We made good time getting home to find a small lake in the backyard. 

So much rain in a short amount of time–over one inch. It just needs to soak in. We really need all of it. 

The lights came on against the dark, stormy day. 


Made it hard to leave my cozy house and head out in the rain to the meeting. But I went as the group is making preparations to return to Good News Club next week. We’ve been off since Thanksgiving so we have to review materials and our roles. I enjoy working with this team. While we were meeting, the sun came out. No more rain until Friday. 


7 responses to “A good thing?

  1. We have rain for the next couple of days, lots of it. I’ll be hiking tomorrow in the rain, it’s raining right now, and although I am used to it, I get tired of it too. That backyard picture looks normal to me. 🙂

  2. Well, the rain is a blessing.

    • We now have 8 inches of rain for the season. I’m sure that is a minuscule amount for Hawaii but a big deal here where our total yearly rainfall is only 11 inches. We r a desert, but have been able to manage snow run off through dams and canals so as to make the desert bloom and provide food for the world.

  3. Glad you have some rain, it’s a good thing!

  4. I am curious. What is the Good News club? sounds like a church group.

  5. I’m so glad you’re getting some much needed rain. That’s a relief. We don’t like to drive in a downpour either. Hydroplaning is always a worry.

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