More rain fell

…but I’m tired of looking at that mud puddle on my page so let’s move on…

For now, the rain has stopped and the sun is shining. I love the afternoon light that comes into the guest room in late fall and again in late January.

I bought tulips to brighten up the living area of the house.

I believe today is National Pie Day but I may be wrong. No matter, I didn’t make a pie but an apple pastry instead.

We had lots of apples from the last two csa boxes that really needed to be used. What better way than to mix them up with sugar and spices and bake them in puff pastry!

I ran out to catch our neighbors as they came home and give them peanut butter cookies that I baked two days ago. The recipe made enough to feed an army. The kids were delighted to get cookies.

While out on the front lawn, I stepped in dog poop. I had to hose off the walkway, and my shoes are now spinning in the washing machine. It’s not all sunshine, tulips, and apple pie around here.


6 responses to “More rain fell

  1. ahh too bad about that poop. The tulips look gorgeous!

  2. National Pie Day! I love it! I wish I’d known. I would have loved an excuse to get one.

  3. Those tulips looks so nice; I love the colors.
    And that apple pastry looks delicious.

  4. Lovely guest room. Tulips are a favorite and a harbinger of spring. Love them.

    • The furniture in that room is 50 years old. It was mine as a young girl, then our daughter used it all of her growing-up years. Now, when the grandkids come, they consider it their room. We have a roll-away bed that fits in there, too.

      • That’s grand. My daughter as a chest my dad bought for her as a baby. They are refinishing it for the new great-grand baby. She also has the bedroom suite that belonged to her grandmother.

        I love old furniture passed along within a family.

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