It’s almost February

Another few days and I will turn the calendar page from January to the month of LOVE- February. Are you getting your Valentines ready? I am. 

Today I worked on this project:


I made five of these ducks to give out to the first grade teachers along with a bag of pistachios. 

The first week of February also has the 100th day of school in it so I have special stickers for each of the first graders.  


And February is special for me as our wedding anniversary comes at the very beginning of the month. Terry and I have made lunch plans for next Monday to toast and celebrate 41 years.  Guess you could say we are 41 years smarter!


7 responses to “It’s almost February

  1. And it’s a Leap Year to boot! An extra day in the month of love. 🙂

  2. That’s a long time to be married.

  3. Well, Happy Anniversary. 41 years is quite a milestone.

  4. oh wow congrats on 41 years upcoming! And fun crafts!

  5. You are just flat out wonderful and a delight to know.

  6. For a minute I thought you were celebrating your 100th anniversary!

  7. I like the way you stay involved with life and youth by working with the kids. Sometimes, I don’t even think of those days of Valentines and special treats that are so prevalent when one works in the schools. I am look forward to the end of February. It will mark the beginning of my 71st year of life.

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