Sing a song

Did I mention that Terry is now singing in the choir at church?  He is. The choir is small and in need of more male voices. His voice adds a lot. 

The choir sang a lovely piece this morning that has three parts, all singing at one time in a few places. Terry had practiced all week here at home. It turned out so well that the very reserved congregation applauded. 

It was my suggestion that Terry join the choir. He sings well and can read music. The need for male singers is great. The choir is a very important part of the worship service. It all made sense that he give it a try. 

For almost 40 years Terry was a cameraman at our former church as the service was broadcast on tv. He even edited the production for awhile. Terry saw it as his service to God and he enjoyed the work. It saddened him to leave that ministry, but the church service had changed so drastically that he no longer wanted to be a part of it. 

There is nothing like that for him to do at our new church, but I knew Terry needed some type of work. The choir seemed a plausible place to start. I’ve read that performing music helps keep one’s brain more agile. That would be an added benefit. 


9 responses to “Sing a song

  1. It’s wonderful that he’s sharing his talents. Although I enjoy singing in the pew, no one would EVER ask me to join the choir!

  2. I wish I could sing! And I’m sure he enjoys breaking out in song if he has a good voice. Great idea to have him join the choir. 🙂

  3. He will feel more as if he belongs…which he does.

  4. sounds fun! 🙂

  5. We would like to invite you and Terry for lunch or dinner at our hotel in San Francisco. Please email me for more information.

  6. David sang in our local church choir for a while. He left the church owing to a dispute within the vestry on which he served. Sad for him and he’s never recovered. I’m happy to hear Terry found a new venue.

  7. How lucky to be in a choir. I loved singing in one once upon a time, but now my hearing isn’t good enough for me to take much pleasure in music any more That is a real loss.

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