Today is Friend’s Day

…or so says Facebook. There is always some sort of DAY, but this is one that Facebook can latch on to since most of us on Facebook post enormous numbers of photos that show us with our friends. Facebook just collects a bunch of those photos and makes a video. It’s fun to see your own and your friends’. Here is mine.

A former student lamented that she did not have enough content on her Facebook page to make a video yet she has been on the site for five years. She is a self-proclaimed introvert who rarely posts any photos so I could understand the lack of material with which to work. When I pointed out to her that she needed to post more pictures of her friends, she replied that she has let her friendships slide.

As I tell everyone, you are never too old to make new friends. It’s important to stay in touch with old friends, but many of them do float away. A woman whom I considered my best friend just a few years ago has done that. No matter how I tried to stay in contact, she has drifted away. Our monthly contacts have become yearly. It makes me sad, but it is the way the world works. So, keep making new friends.

To make new friends, one must be engaged in the world. There must be a connection. Funny thing about social media, people complain about it yet it’s a good way to make connections and stay connected to people we might not otherwise see. Like that old friend of mine. We could be more connected if she would join Facebook, but she refuses to do so. My blog friends know more about my life than she does.

Back to my former student, I advised her to make new friends. She’s going to college and has small children so there should be a few places to meet new friends who have similar interests. My daughter has made new friends through her children’s schools.

There is also the old adage, to have a friend, you must be a friend. Show yourself friendly to others.



4 responses to “Today is Friend’s Day

  1. Stay in touch as much as you can. It keeps you in the world.

  2. I look forward to meeting you and Terry in San Francisco in May. One of the best ways to make new friends is by blogging. I have even dined with blog friends in India. Isn’t that incredible?

  3. Isn’t it funny that I just grabbed my laptop and though I haven’t visited people much at all in the last few weeks, I came to you and found two other Hawaii bloggers ahead of me here? Friends are definitely wonderful and you should never take them for granted. I do cherish all the friends I’ve made through blogging and all the friends I’ve gained since moving back to Hawaii. Happy Friends Day, Delaine.

  4. Your last line says it all. Wise words.

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