Such a busy month

It’s only the end of the first week of February, but I feel as though I’ve filled a month already. So much going on, so much to plan, so many preparations for what is yet to come.

Lent begins Wednesday. I have a devotional that I can hardly keep my hands from, I’m that excited to start reading. Valentines Day is coming up so I’m making treats for Good News Club on Tuesday and preparations for after school crafts on Friday. The second graders at Columbia had so much fun coloring at lunch recess last week that I asked if I could bring a better coloring set up for this week and the vice principal was pleased with the idea. Then, I must get more prizes for the first grade classes for this month as I give STAR prizes when they fill their charts for good behavior. I give away a lot of prizes as these classes seem to always be on their good behavior.

During Lent, our church does Soup Lunches after Sunday services. I will sign up to bring at least one pot of soup and bread for a few Sundays on those weeks that are just too busy to get soup made. I’m working on a new recipe–beef and cabbage. I got the idea when I had leftover filling from the beerocks I made yesterday. Should be a good one for March.

I have been asked to be the secretary for Deacon Board at church so will begin that duty in two weeks. For now, though, I must get ready to leave for church. Since joining the choir, Terry leaves an hour ahead of me as they practice for about 40 minutes before the service. Then there is another hour’s practice after the service. I’m going to head right home after church today and get a head start on that soup recipe I’m conjuring up. Then, after lunch, I am hoping the weather forecast is correct–70 degrees–so I can go work in the backyard. It’s looking pretty abandoned out there.


2 responses to “Such a busy month

  1. keeping busy as usual!

  2. You are definitely an overachiever. Today is Shrove Tuesday if I’m not mistaken, when the Mardi Gras is in full swing. 🙂

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