More about California missions

schmidleysscribblins left a comment on my last post that her grandson, who lives in California, just finished his mission project, doing his on the Mission San Juan Bautista in Hollister, the mission where the Hitchcock movie, Vertigo, was partially filmed. Here is a drawing of that mission:


I have made a pinterest board of all 21 missions so that it will be easy to look at the basic form of each mission when helping the students. The teacher and after school coordinator and I have worked out a day for the students to stay after to work on their projects.

It’s been a busy week and next week looks to be more of the same. I’ve decided to do very little this weekend so as to regain my enthusiasm and energy that the next week will require. I am greeting at church tomorrow, but that won’t take too much effort. Today I’m devoting to laundry.


7 responses to “More about California missions

  1. It’s a lot of history, much of it involving my mother’s forebears. There is plenty of controversy around every aspect of the mission movement. My sister is something of an amateur expert on this era. Our family was associated with the Santa Barbara mission and the Mission Santa Ines in particular and had ties to Mission Dolores, too.

    • I’ve not been to Santa Ines. Santa Barbara we toured in the 70s, not long after getting married. We visited Mission Dolores when we lived in San Francisco. We love the Mission District and Dolores Park.

  2. The laundry is heroic. Missions are wonderful as architectural works of art. My grandmother did a study of them in the 1930’s….lots of photographs. I want to travel and photograph them all too.

    • I’ve been to 5 of the 21 missions. Many of them, along the central coast, would be quite doable for us. Maybe when the grandkids are a bit older, we could do a trip to see the closer ones.

  3. Enjoy the Valentine weekend!

  4. I’d love to do the entire missions tour sometime. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • It would be about a 2 week adventure, driving from one end of the state to the other and then back home. We’re going to attempt 4 missions at spring break in a 3-day trip. I’ll let you know how we do.

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