What’s for lunch?

Do you eat odd things for lunch? Since retiring, and when I am home, my lunches are not much to talk about. I usually eat the school lunch on the two days I am doing my chaplain duties. Then there are those days I go out to lunch with friends and eat a restaurant meal.

Yesterday Terry and I drove through the blooming orchards to a small town that has this famous place for lunch, The Orange Works. It’s in an old orange packing shed, and it has a very limited menu. A few sandwiches and salads (all very good), and the most amazing orange ice cream any where. Yesterday they also served cinnamon ice cream.

The place is open from 11 to 4 and it is constantly packed. People from all walks of life show up for the lunch special–sandwich, potato chips (no choice, just potato chips), orange iced tea, and ice cream, all for the price of $9. And sort of like Seinfield’s soup Nazi, you get little in the way of discussion. Order, pay, step aside for the next person. They always get your order right and they always know what kind of ice cream you want when you come back after the sandwich to pick up dessert. That’s because there are only two choices each day, one always being orange that they make on-site.

So, what to have for lunch today? I have been cooking an egg for one of the cats each day (that’s a whole ‘nother story), but I’ve not eaten a fried egg in over a year, maybe two years. It’s not something I really care for. Usually. Today, though, an egg fried in butter, on sourdough toast, sounded very good. Terry isn’t here today, and since he makes his own lunch each day any way, I decided this would be my lunch. Tomorrow I will be at school and will have a more normal lunch. A chicken leg!


10 responses to “What’s for lunch?

  1. It sounds good to me, although I rarely eat fried eggs. 🙂

    • Me, too. It’s been a couple of years since I had one. All that egg frying for the cat, though, made me hungry for one. Now, that I’ve had one, I’m satisfied for another year or so.

  2. fried egg on toast sounds good!

  3. Cottage cheese. Today leftover salad, cottage cheese, and a dash of mayo. Yesterday Cottage cheese and avocado. Boy that stuff is good.

  4. I try to eat just one big meal per day. The other 2 meals I just eat a snack.

    • We eat an early dinner (around 5) so it’s usually our larger meal. Lunch is larger if we eat at a restaurant during the day. I eat a good breakfast, so often times I’m not even hungry at lunch time.

  5. Egg on toast is great. Did you make a toad in the hole?

  6. We eat our main meal in the middle of the day. I am a better cook then than in the evening.

  7. We always have the worst time deciding what to eat for lunch. Usually it’s noodles on a salad or a cold cut sandwich.

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