As usual, the week flew

…and I slept soundly, tired after these busy days when I:

Read this book to four first grade classes

Ate this school lunch, and yes, it’s upside down. That was sort of the way the day was going.


Worked with the fourth graders, some of whom have finished their mission, two weeks ahead of schedule



I’m making turkey pot pie soup for the Lent Soup Lunch at church on Sunday so I went to Whole Foods this morning to buy the ingredients.  This was my view in the parking lot.

Our city is covered in these beautiful blooms right now. It’s such a wonderful season.


6 responses to “As usual, the week flew

  1. Those missions are simply wonderful! And you have every right to be tired after all you’ve done this week. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Nice post, the lunch looks good and healthy too.

  3. Oh my! You have been very, very busy in a constructive way. Good for you. I love those flowers. I’m wondering what kind of trees they are.

  4. Love the White Mission with the Brown arcade. Looks very familiar. I think my daughter was there when she and the girls did the mission tour last year.
    My yougest son is teaching fourth graders in VA. He loves it.

  5. Gracious, you are a busy lady. For many years I preached to everyone I met that everyone owes their community some volunteer time but at the moment I find myself with no volunteer work other than being a caretaker for my husband who’s in poor health. I’m a big believer in volunteering. Will be interested in following you in your efforts.

  6. Nice view of the flowers.

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