I love Monday mornings

It wasn’t that way when I was teaching. Mondays were the beginning of a heavy work week, and I often hadn’t gotten enough rest to send me off in an optimistic mood. Often, instead, I was in a grumbly mood thinking about all I had to accomplish by the end of the week. I would need to cajole my Monday morning students into good moods so as to get them ready to learn. It’s hard to learn when one is grumbly. My students didn’t know I too had the Monday-morning blues because I jollied myself into a good mood by the time they hit the classroom, on my feet and smiling.

“Mrs. Zody, you’re always in a good mood. How come?”

You do what you have to do.

Now, though, it’s different. In retirement I am excited for Monday morning to roll around. A new week. Lots of fun activities planned. Yes, I still have goals to accomplish, but at my own pace. I don’t see students until Tuesday afternoon for Good News Club. Then I’m at Columbia on Wednesday and Thursday with another story to read and coloring pages to hand out and children to hug. The days of the new week look all shiny and bright from the advantage point of Monday morning. I love Mondays.


3 responses to “I love Monday mornings

  1. Lucky you. Not many people can say that.

  2. Thanks for sharing your new perspective!

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