What to do when it rains all day

Unlike some of my dear Readers who live in rainy climes and think nothing of a 5-mile hike in a deluge, this blogger is of the fair-weather variety and only sets out on clear days unless mandated to do otherwise.

Today is a rainy Monday, and after reading during the morning, cooking a few dishes to hold us over for the week, and doing 2 loads of laundry, I would prefer to go out for a walk but the weather holds me back. So, I had to give in and do some housecleaning.

The living room furniture needed some cleaning. We have wood and leather furniture in there, so I got out these two products:

They keep the leather chairs and all the wood finishes looking good. And since the room has a large picture window, they also help keep sun damage to a minimum. The wall unit is 45 years old and the front door is 40 years old. Both look pretty good for their ages, and I give credit to Murphy as well as the orange oil I occasionally use.


5 responses to “What to do when it rains all day

  1. Could you have been thinking of me? I certainly would MUCH rather do a nice five-mile hike in sunshine than in rain, but when you live in the Pacific Northwest, you have to make do. I’ll bet your furniture looks a whole lot nicer than mine! 🙂

  2. I should check out the leather wipes at the store someday.

  3. Oh I love the smell of orange oil. Wooden furniture around here dries out without care.

    • I use lots of orange oil on the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. They too look pretty good for their age. The orange oil makes the house smell good, too.

  4. Those wipes look handy. I am a lazy housekeeper and they would save me some effort. I am in Seattle now, and the weather is terrible,but we are out and about anyway.

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