Church on Sunday

It’s another rainy Sunday here in sunny California. Our rain totals, to season, are now more than we usually get in a whole year. Almost an inch more at this point. For that we are grateful. However, the change in air pressure that accompanies each of these storms does not make my head feel well. I have taken a lot of Imitrex in March. And it’s only the 13th!

Today was the last Lenten Soup Lunch at church. I will miss those. The food and the fellowship. Today I took chicken tortilla soup for my offering. Although it was a small group (time change and rain kept people at home), my pot of soup was almost empty by the time we left. I had a bowl of it as well as a bowl of chili. I don’t make chili so it was good to eat someone else’s cooking. Terry had a bowl of each of the four offerings, the other two being beef stew and chicken noodle.

We have been studying the words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer during Lent. One Sunday we had a Bonhoeffer scholar bring the sermon and then join us for lunch. He told the minister that he was impressed with the congregation and its thoughtful attitude toward the subject and the study. Today at lunch we watched a video that gave us some background on Bonhoeffer’s early life and education. At university he joined a fraternity that was called hedgehog and whose banner was not the typical bright colors but instead three shades of gray. An interesting aside to a life that ended in prison, and eventual hanging,  for planning to assassinate Hitler.

Although our previous church had Maundy Thursday services during Holy Week, as does our current church, I have never attended one. I understand they are a bit dark and gloomy, due to the timing and what is to take place the next day, Good Friday. I was asked to be a participant in this year’s service so will find out exactly what it’s like. It’s an evening service, and as I have often mentioned here, I don’t usually go out in the evening for an event, I will have no other obligations that day and so can perhaps take a nap in the afternoon.



8 responses to “Church on Sunday

  1. In years past when I would spend Holy Week at a convent, I would take part in the ceremony of the nuns washing the feet of the congregants. It was a very moving thing to have my foot ceremoniously washed. I spent the entire week in prayer and reflection, and I won’t ever forget those times.

  2. I think taking part in the service would be worth rearranging your schedule.

  3. I still believe the charges against Bonhoffer were false. Love his writing.

  4. Your soup sounds delicious, and your plans interesting. Take pleasure in the little things in life.

  5. too bad he didn’t assasinate Hitler. Your soup sounds good!

  6. Re Black Tie: I found my shirt and jacket at the thrift store for eleven dollars, and the pants and shoes I wear on Sundays. We both delighted in cleaning up well. LOL

  7. The soup sounds wonderful. I remember the Tenebrae services of my childhood in Holy Week.

  8. You are reminding me I’m hungry. There is a good Mexican restaurant where I am, so I’m going to eat dinner there.

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