Evening is not my favorite time

It is unusual for me to write a blog post in the evening. Most of my writing is done in early morning when my brain is sharp and I’m my talkative self. I’m going to try to put on paper how I feel late in the day. 

This week I have turned down two events that would have begun at 6 pm. I would be getting home after 9. Each day this week has full agendas so I need my downtime to regroup and be ready for the next day. An evening out, much less two, would wipe me out. 

It is getting dusky and my enthusiasm has fallen. As I draw the drapes and turn on lamps, I feel my anxiety rise. The day is over. No more chances with this day. I’m tired and the energy level has waned. There is no more that I can do. It makes me sad. Another day has ended. 

I’m not my extrovert self at this time. Going out to a social event is too hard. I’m not up to making conversation. I sit by myself and watch people but I find it hard to join in. This makes me uncomfortable in what should be a highly charged social situation. 

And so, here are a few words about my emotional state at the end of the day. Probably not very coherent, much like me in real person. Not a whole lot to say beyond this. 


6 responses to “Evening is not my favorite time

  1. I guess I write whenever the idea pops into my brain. Time of day doesn’t seem to matter. Funny how I don’t see you as an introvert at any party. I imagine you always as very vivacious and outgoing from everything you are doing. And yet, we all need down times to refresh our psyches.

    • There was a time when the click didn’t matter as to how I felt. Even when tired, I was still outgoing and able to talk to people. As I’ve aged, that has become more difficult. I can talk with those who engage me, but I find that most people are not outgoing. I’m the one who makes the original contact. I’m that person who talks to you on the airplane, in the grocery store, at the bank.

  2. Good for you for honoring your strengths and weaknesses.

  3. These past few years I am more of a morning person in terms of energy too.

  4. I am definitely a morning person, too.
    David is a night owl.

  5. I’ve never been an extrovert, but I understand. Yesterday, David and I left my granddaughter’s shower early because we couldn’t take the energy and noise these girls exude.

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