The week before Easter break

One could feel the anticipation in the hallways and classrooms at school. Teachers, students, even the custodians, were ready for a week’s break from routine. Although retired from teaching, I too am ready for some downtime. 

This was the week that the fourth graders presented their California missions projects to this audience:


Here are a few of the completed missions:




And one last picture with some of the audience members who thought these kids did a super job:




9 responses to “The week before Easter break

  1. great job on the missions, gosh the year is flying by!

    • The school year is heading into its final quarter when we return from Easter break. Only 8 more weeks of visits to Columbia. At our last chaplain’s meeting we discussed our end-of-year assessment which i hate to administer.

  2. Fantastic job on those missions. I love that you gave them the idea and they ran with it. Lovely story! 🙂

    • The kids were really proud of their work, as they should be, and were so excited to show off what they have done. All of the retired teachers hope we can do this again next year AND expand it to the other two 4th grade classes. I am in discussion with the principal as to how to make that happen now that she has seen what is possible. The kids have the talent and the ability, they just don’t have the supplies.

  3. Oh I love this. Both my grandsons have now made a mission model for fourth grade. I have many bells left from destroyed parrot toys. I would have given them to a child if I lived closer.

  4. Impressive job on those missions. I see future architects in the making.

  5. Wonderful job. As good as I could do… 🙂

  6. Nice looking missions and the students obviously were enthusiastic to make them.

  7. These are beautiful missions, Delaine. Have a wonderful, peaceful Easter.

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