A few photos from our Mission adventure

I had planned to post some photos yesterday from our trip but I was in bed all day instead. I have come down with a case of shingles on my face which has set me back. I had to cancel all my Holy Week plans as my doctor said it is unwise to be around pregnant women, small children or elderly people or anyone with weak immune system. It’s late evening now and I’m feeling much better after taking seven doses of the antiviral medicine.


Mission Soledad

Mission Soledad

Mission Antonio de Padua

San Antonio de Padua


Mission San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo


Mission San Miguel

Mission San Miguel


13 responses to “A few photos from our Mission adventure

  1. So sorry! My mother had a bad case of shingles, and she really suffered. I’m hoping the shot confers some protection. It’s a bad one, all right.
    Thanks for posting the photos and get well soon.

  2. Those mission pictures are wonderful, but shingles! That’s a bad thing to get, all right. My sister had them when she was a kid, if you can believe it. I hope you will recover soon. I’ve had the shot but they say you can still get them, just not as bad. 😦

  3. Oh Delaine, keep us posted on how you are faring, I’ve heard how painful shingles can be. Thanks for sharing these interesting mission photos.

  4. Shingles are horribly painful. My doctor told me 6 months on mine. She did quarantine me for the ten days while the sores were still there. You are contagious during that time. Mine affected my sciatic nerve and I still have twinges from time to time. Do take care of yourself and get plenty of rest while you recover!

  5. Im sad you did not have the Shingles inoculation. David and I both received it…me AFTER I had Shingles. Very painful, and unfortuntely you can have it more than once it seems..why I had the innoculation along with both of the Pneumonia shots.

    • I will see what my dr says about the vaccination now. I’ve been fortunate that the sores themselves don’t hurt. I had more pain in my head before the red blisters appeared.

      • Shingles is a misery. I had them on my back. Dr. Put me on Lyrica.

      • I have Lyrica for night time if I need it. I had to stop taking the pain med she gave me as it caused my face to swell and make me dizzy and nauseous. So far, the meds have been worse than the disease.

      • That was my reaction too. Generally I rely on Tylenol for everything, even when I had knee joint replacement surgery. Drs tell me KJR is the worst pain you can have. What do they know…childbirth was more painful for me.

  6. SO sorry to hear about your shingles. I know you were looking forward to several Easter events at your church.

  7. Those are very interesting photos of the beautiful missions that were built. I’m so sorry you’re suffering from shingles. It’s scary when it’s on your face. My daughter had it close to her eyes. Art had it in college and mom had it about 10 years ago and still remembers the agony of it. She still can’t wear a bra because the nerves are still irritated. She’s got the shingles shot now so hopefully it never happens again to her. I got the shot, but they said it’s not perfect.

  8. That is too bad that you have shingles. I hope you recover real soon, Delaine. Have a nice Easter.

  9. Wonderful….thank you and hope you are vastly better today,.

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