Water & warm temps bring growth 

The normal rainfall for our part of the world is just over 11 inches for the entire year, which runs November to October. This year we have already gotten almost 13 inches of precipitation, not bad for a season of drought. 

All vegetation has burst forth with great vigor, making the backyard look pretty overgrown, but I like it that way. I sat out under the trees this weekend enjoying 80 degree weather and the smell of citrus blossoms. 

The mulberry tree in the front yard has put on its new green finery, too. These small bursts of green shoots will become long, wide limbs of shade for those hot summer days to come. 

If you look carefully, across the street, in the parking strip, there is an easy chair. It was left behind by the people who just moved out of the house. They left a wide assortment of furniture on the side of the road for anyone to take. All that’s left is this chair. Even the AmVets refused it due to its torn upholstery. I wonder how long I will have to look at it, out my living room window. 


10 responses to “Water & warm temps bring growth 

  1. great you have lots of rain now

  2. We’re still low in rainfall right now. We need more rain although mom always wants sunny days for hanging laundry.

  3. I hope not for long. Maybe there is a treasure hidden inside that old chair and somebody will finally find it. Hope it’s someone who needs it. 🙂

    • I doubt the hidden treasure, more like trash. This family spent weeks moving out as they not only had a houseful of belongings, but a garage full, too. It took two large moving vans, numerous pickup loads, and I can’t count how many car loads. They left their legos table with us until they can get back with an empty vehicle to take it. It’s sitting on my patio.

  4. You have nice shady trees in your yard. Lovely.

  5. I love your yard.
    I’m feeling sorry for the poor unloved chair across the way. Will no one give it a home?

  6. I enlarged the photo. That is one lovely chair…not. Orange blossoms, the nicest smell anywhere. Thanks for sharing them.

  7. So sorry for the classmates of the child who died. Murdered parents are a worse horror. You give us beauty in exchange. Thanks so much.

  8. PS: Goodwill says they give jobs and training. Perhaps they might reupholster that chair?

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