Creativity in the backyard

Our kids came for a visit this past week. The grandkids were on spring break, and their parents took a few days away from their work, too. Their plans had fallen through at the last minute so I suggested they come to our house and take some day trips into the hills and up to Yosemite where the wildflowers and waterfalls are in abundance. Those trips never materialized as they relaxed and made art I our backyard. 

The grandkids have become fascinated with Bob Ross videos. You may remember him as the artist on PBS who, with a mouse or squirrel in his pocket, taught painting techniques. Judah and Leeya wanted to paint like him so their mother bought art supplies at Michael’s and we set them up to work on the patio. 


As they painted, their father was busy building a garden seat I had asked for after seeing one in a mountain community. 


Here are the finished products:

 The garden seat is only half finished. Chad ran out of time to get the actual seat part built so for now we are using a bench we already had. 



4 responses to “Creativity in the backyard

  1. I love creative people and lots of art and carpentry. You are so lucky.

  2. very creative visit! Your grandkids are adorable!

  3. What great grandkids you have, and that garden seat will be wonderful when done. It’s already a lot of fun to look at. 🙂

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